Supaloose – The New Supa Saint Video

As the New Orleans Saints once again see their hopes of making a Super Bowl appearance slip away, some fans take it better than others. Our cameras were able to capture Supa Saint, the world's most deranged Saints fan, as he chooses to dance off his frustrations "Footloose style". Allow video to fully download for maximum turbo-awesomeness and rock the speakers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

7 Responses to “Supaloose – The New Supa Saint Video”

  1. bigwhodat9 says:

    Who Dat

  2. nparker007 says:

    still good a year later

  3. jellric says:

    The smelling of the jersey was the final touch!

  4. okdawit says:

    This should be viral

  5. bjberard says:

    why should we fill the dome only for one more year?

  6. NeonJhgx says:


  7. whodat00 says:

    Supasaint is back! Steve Gleason! You’ve got to be kidding! Awesome video, and Steve’s right, the fans need you more then ever this year. With you coming off the bench we can’t lose in 2009. Let’s fill that dome one more year.