Who’s Gonna Win Dat Superbowl??? Dem Saints Is!!!

Well it's Sunday and I can't wait... Saints game 12 noon on Channel 8... T-shirt is my lucky black and gold, Jaeger in the freezer getting cold. Texting to see who's coming by, hop in the car going staight to Popeye's... 3-piece spicy white, red beans and rice... is the lid on my red drink tight? Who gon' win dat Superbowl? Dem Saints Is, Dem Saints Is! (X2) Hit the sofa half an hour to go, Jim and Hokie on the radio... Bad luck when I miss the kick-off... OK, at least we won the toss. Friends are late so I'm sitting all alone, kick sails five yards into the end-zone. On a knee our return man kneels... Drew Brees runs onto the field. Who gon' win dat Superbowl? Dem Saints Is, Dem Saints Is! (X4) Radio Audio Clip - Jim Henderson WWL (Saints first playoff win 2000 vs. Rams) Gangs all here and we're drinking our beer... first and ten is often cheered. Reggie, Colston, Shockey, Meachum... no team should try to beat them. Dissect the opposing defense, New Orleans religious experience. Do a shot after every score, 40 points are on the board. Weather's great when it's raining touchdowns, Defense has got them shut down. Fumbles, sacks and a couple of picks, Don't be on the business end of our stick. TV Audio Clip- Mike Tirico ESPN Monday Night Football (2006 vs. Falcons) Radio Clips - Jim Henderson WWL (2009 vs. Dolphins) Phone rings you say it aint so, you got 2 tickets to the Superbowl? Sounds good but it will not beat... Cajun Mike's and friends on Bourbon Street. Radio Clip ...
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