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Politics mailbag with Stephanie Grace: The trial of Renee Gill Pratt begins

Times-Picayune managing editor Peter Kovacs and political columnist Stephanie Grace talk about how the trial of former New Orleans City Councilwoman Renee Gill Pratt marks the end of a long chapter of federal cases against the William Jefferson family political machine.

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Grading 2009 NFC South draft classes: New Orleans Saints links

News and notes from around the nation

New Orleans Saints Central

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees previews Super Bowl 2011

Reigning MVP admits injuries caught up with team in end

New Orleans Saints Central

Washington Redskins owner sues a paper for a story that has a couple of New Orleans items

Snyder owns Six Flags and used to employ Saints DC Gregg Williams

New Orleans Saints Central

NFL Free Agency 2011: 15 Sleeper Free Agents Who Offer the Most Value

NFL Free Agency 2011 Full of Potential Surprises

Whenever someone talks about NFL free agency, they talk about who will sign Vincent Jackson, who will take a chance on Randy Moss or who will look to snag DeAngelo Williams.

But hardly anyone ever addresses the potential surprises, the under-the-radar guys who could wind up being just as important—or more instrumental—to a team's success than some of the huge names out there.

Football is obviously a team sport, and sometimes the smaller moves pay bigger dividends.

Here are 15 sleeper free agents who offer the most value.

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Bleacher Report - New Orleans Saints